Article I: Title

The name of the organization shall be “Daughters of CSA Officers Corps”.


Article II: Principles

The organization shall hold to the beliefs in almighty God, allegiance to the United States of America and its Constitution, and the rights of freedom.


Article III: Objectives

The objective of the organization shall be to honor and remember the officers that served the Confederate States and the men and women whose sacrifices and deeds during the conflict brought a resolution to preserve the American rights, liberties, and independence.


Article IV: Organization

Section 1. National: There shall be a National society named Daughters of CSA Officers Corps supported by presiding officers and governed by an executive board.

Section 2. State: A state society may be formed upon written application to the executive board signed by five members of that state. Upon payment of all fees and dues, the state shall be issued a charter. The state shall be open to elect officers and set by-laws that do not conflict with the national constitution or by-laws. The state has the right to form chapters that may conduct business according to the national and states by-laws. A state does not have to have chapters and may operate as a state organization with its officers and by-laws.

Section3. Disbanding of a state or chapter: If a chapter disbands, the records and money shall go to the state organization. Chapter members may join another chapter or become at-large member of the state. If a state disbands, the records and money shall go to the national executive board. The members shall become at-large members of the national organization.


Article V: Membership

Section 1: Qualification for membership

The member of this society shall have an ancestor that was a commissioned officer of the Confederate States of America with an honorable discharge, a federal official that was elected or appointed, or a local official that was elected or appointed. The application with required proof and fees shall be sent to the appropriate registrar. If this applicant has had their linage proven by an application to the United Daughters of the Confederacy, a completed application with linage and fees may be sent with a copy of the certificate as the only proof needed. Upon approval a certificate of membership shall be presented.


Section 2: Associate membership

Wives, mothers, and widows of members of the Military Order of Stars and Bars shall have the right to join as associate member. Ladies working on their ancestor or ladies interested in the organization who have no linage, may join as associate members. An application and fees shall be sent to the appropriate registrar. Upon approval a certificate shall be sent.


Section 3: Honorary membership

Honorary membership may be conferred in the National and State societies with the recommendations for such memberships having been submitted to the National executive board and agreed to by vote of the body.


Article VI: Officers

Section 1: National officers

The national society shall consist of a President, Vice president, Chaplain, Recording secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, and Historian. These officers shall constitute the executive board. A quorum shall be 3 officers.


Section 2: State and chapter officers

The minimum officers for a state or chapter shall be a President, Recording secretary, and Treasurer.


Section 3: Term of office

(1) National offices are held for terms of two years. Officers can hold the position for only two consecutive terms. Exceptions are the Treasure and Registrar who can serve as necessary.

(2) State and chapter officers may have terms of two years. There are no set limits by national because the number of members may dictate the use of officers. At any point the state of chapter may in its by-laws set the necessary limits.

(3) In case of a vacancy of an office the president shall appoint a member to this position. In the case of vacancy of president, the vice president shall fill this office.